DURATION  2 months 

ROLE  Service designer 

SKILLS  Service blueprint  Experience design 

A designer is a preacher of design methods and design thinking as well as a doer who would roll up their sleeves to realize the idea. 

DIDI Luxe aims to create seamless five-star limousine service for our riders.  During the last winter, my co-workers and me, a service design intern found a solution for Didi luxe to create spring festival atmosphere for our riders and at the same time, help to increase the orders. 

01  Background

Picture credit to xudaxia

Based on the statistics from 2017, Didi Luxe's orders would reduce during the Chinese New Year, because many of our customers are not locals and would leave for their hometowns during spring festival. In 2018, to change this situation, Didi sets out to launch a special project for spring festival. All aspects of service will be specially designed to attract the middle class who were originally excluded from our target customers.  

02 Design Process 

Service design has been evolving for more than two decades, but in china, it is still an emerging concept. The localized methodologies are still immature and related practices are relatively scarce. We wanted to apply the methods and toolkits of service design into the real world project adaptively to improve the user experience and obtain referential experience. 

03 Discovery

To better understand our users, we conducted surveys on more than 150 users in Beijing and Shanghai. We also interviewed 6 users to get some useful insights. Here are our results. 


· During Spring Festival, the scenario of family travel is very pervasive.

· People really care about reunion and the Spring Festival atmosphere. 

· Many users book the car for their parents, so we need to take age-related issues into consideration when designing. 

· Many people want to have a delightful mood during the journey, since they thinks this will indicates good fortune for the whole new year. 

04 Actor Map 

To better clarify the design context and the relations between stakeholders, I drafted the Actor map, which helped us to take different stakeholder into consideration when designing. Our design is not only user-centered but also co-designed by stakeholders.

05 Brain Storm & Ideation 
Prototyping allows us to experiment our ideas, to fail fast, and to seek improvement. 
Co-design leads to 
creation and practical solutions. 

Initially, we intended to hang traditional sachet with the lots and puzzles on the roof of the car. We prototyped this idea in a car and got some feedback from our stakeholders, the driver and the passengers. However, the feedback was negative. The driver said that this would cause a safety concern and passengers complained that those sachets blocked their sight. 


Then, we come up with the idea to provide passengers specially-designed red pocket as gift  Moreover, the atmosphere of Spring Festival would be created through the interior design and the interaction between the customers and drivers during the journey.


Here is our Service Blueprint. 

06 Design for experience

Let the value of design penetrate into every touchpoints of customer journey. 


We selected a list of songs that matched the atmosphere of Spring Festival.  The list consisted of twenty pieces of joyful light music , with fast tempo and slow tempo songs mixed. Lain, flamingo and piano trio also added some joy to the overall atmosphere. The music would strengthen the emotional experience during Spring Festival and create the warm atmosphere of families’ reunion. 


In order to better create the atmosphere of Spring Festival, we also changed the greetings for the customers by adding some auspicious words into them. 


We set the mood with red color, typical for Spring festival. We designed red welcome card, tissue box and pocket and also use red scarf and candies with red coverings. 

07 Takeaways 

Effective design emphasize feasibility

We took all the conditions and restrictions into consideration to come up with a solution that could be fully realized. While designing the service for the Spring Festival project, we did many cross-functional communication and prototyped for many times before coming up with a truly practical solution.

Co-design with stakeholders 

Service design usually involves many stakeholders. Collaboration with different stakeholders will bring about many useful insights. While doing this project, we also talked with drivers, trainers and managers besides our target users.