DING is a location-based reminder which will remind users when they are within a certain distance to the target point. 

TYPE  Personal project       

DURATION  6 months 

SKILLS  User research   Wireframe  Hi-fi prototype  Micro-interaction    

01 Discovery

Have you ever put “buy potatoes on the way home” on the to-do-list but ended up returning home empty-handed? 

The idea of making a location-based reminder rose from my observation and communication with my friends. They would often forget to do the things they need to do like buying vegetables, or depositing money even if they were passing by the grocery store or the local bank. I hope this reminder can eliminate their frustration of this sort. 

​Here is the story board.

02 Persona

Knowing who exactly I was designing for made me think over how the app would fit into the users' life. I interviewed 6 users who had used reminders or always forget things they needed to do in order to get to know their habits, demands and challenges. Creating empathy with our users enabled me to come up with a design of product that would truly understand them. Here is the persona.

03 Prototype 

I used the draft to quickly build the overall framework for the experience. Simply with pencil and paper, I came up with a set of UI arrangements ant the flow of the experience.

04 Design for the simplicity 

The interface design intended to be simple and clear. Without the unnecessary elements and accessories, the interface strove to be easy to use for everyone and at everywhere. I chose a readable typography and colors of high contrast to increase readability in outdoor low-light environment. The elements were well-spaced in order to reduce the incorrect operation. 


05 Interactions

Ding will send notification to users when they are within the certain distance from the location. Users can add the location and set the distance.

Users can switch between two modes 

Send the notification

The users can create an item and choose starting and ending date.